Fabulous Interactive Timeline Chronicles 100 Years of Hope and Healing

Today, we celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Tulsa’s Family & Children’s Services, which is led by longtime CEO, Gail Lapidus. Gail is a founding board member of the Alliance and serves as our VP. For 100 years, Family & Children’s Services has helped heal hurting and abused children, strengthen families and provide hope to those battling mental illness and addiction. 

Congratulations, Gail and all of FCS! We are so happy for you all!

Family Children's Services Interactive Timeline

Family & Children’s Services: Celebrating A Century

Check the Family & Children’s Services website, which features an array of content relating to the agency’s 100th anniversary including photos like the one below of Lapidus. The picture was taken in 1974, the year she joined the organization. She became CEO in 1986. 


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