We are Oklahoma’s largest and MOST UNIFIED network of

mental health providers.

The mission of the Alliance of Mental Health Providers of Oklahoma is to advocate for better mental health and substance abuse treatment in Oklahoma.

The Work of Our Members

Coordinate Care

Together, Alliance members have accepted a bold, new charge. In addition to providing mental health and substance abuse services for persons with serious mental illness, they are now coordinating whole-person integrated medical care to improve overall health outcomes for adults and youth.

Provide Immediate Access to Care

We believe individuals in a crisis need help when they need it. Providing immediate access to services and early crisis intervention is the first line of defense in preventing tragedies, saving lives, saving tax-payer dollars and community resources.

Provide Hope and Pathways to Self-Sufficiency

Alliance members help individuals access resources to achieve self-sufficiency and well-being, which are often hampered by low-income-related burdens.

The Work of the Alliance

Our Mission

Our mission is to advocate for better mental health and substance abuse treatment in Oklahoma. 

Policy & Legislative Advocacy

We work to educate and inform local, state, and national lawmakers, traditional media, social influencers, and the public about the importance of the mental health system in Oklahoma. We advocate and lobby for better mental health and substance abuse treatment. We evaluate bills, policies, and ordinances, etc., and their potential impact on the state’s community-based mental health system. Ultimately, we strive to change public policy, laws, and even systems on behalf of Oklahoma’s most vulnerable citizens. One of our most successful projects to date is the 988 mental health license plate

Member Support

The Alliance reviews and tracks issues and proposed legislation that intersect with the organization’s mental health policy priorities. It nurtures an alliance among all members who are allied by a common cause, and then supports those members through advocacy, lobbying, public relations, public awareness, and outreach, etc.

Training & Educational Opportunities

The Alliance organizes members-only opportunities designed to increase their knowledge of issues and strengthen their relationships with each other, policymakers, and elected officials. 

Public Awareness & Outreach

We work to increase public awareness of mental health and substance abuse issues facing Oklahomans as well as highlight the work of Oklahoma’s community mental health providers and the critical role they play in transforming lives and communities through the various services they provide. We accomplish this through a variety of tools and products including social networks; special events; publications, and campaigns.

Product & Service Development

The Alliance provides products and services to assist members with lobbying, advocacy, and public awareness. These products including annual legislative issues, policy advisory calls, legislative receptions, and meetings, etc.

Mental Health Advocacy

The Alliance is a mental health advocacy organization. We work to break stigma around mental illness and suicide as well as  normalize talking about mental health. 

Special Partnerships

The Alliance partners with state agencies and nonprofits on projects such as expanding brand awareness of mental health programs and services and establishing a 988 mental health license plate. An example of one of our partnerships is with LifeShare Oklahoma. Our members provide pro-bono services to donor families experiencing stress, anxiety, sorrow and other challenges following loss. We are so grateful to do this work. 

About Us

The Alliance is a 501(c)(6) membership-based, nonprofit and grassroots advocacy organization. Our mission is to advocate for better mental health and substance abuse treatment in Oklahoma. Founded in September 2020, it serves as a trusted and unified voice on behalf of seven member-agencies, which are Certified Community Behavioral Health Centers (CCBHC).

Founding Members

Counseling & Recovery Services of Oklahoma

Established in 1982, Counseling and Recovery Services of Oklahoma helps build better lives for more than 7,000 adults and children in communities throughout northeastern Oklahoma. They are the only Oklahoma community mental health center certified in the internationally recognized Sanctuary model of trauma-informed care.

CREOKS Health Services

CREOKS Health Services provides comprehensive health, wellness, and social services. It is the largest non-profit, mental health and substance abuse provider in Oklahoma, with 22 clinics that span across the eastern half of the state.

Family & Children's Services, Tulsa

Family & Children’s Services has an extraordinary heritage, spanning nearly a century. Established in 1921, they promote, support, and strengthen the well-being and behavioral health of adults, children, and families. As the largest community mental health center in Oklahoma, they are committed to the highest levels of quality and accountability.

HOPE Community Services, Inc.

Located in south Oklahoma City, HOPE has been in operation since 1980. A non-profit outpatient community mental health center, they provide a large array of behavioral health and addiction services, as well as housing opportunities for individuals and families who have found themselves in a homeless situation.

Green Country Behavioral Health Services

Green Country Behavioral Health Services, Inc. was established in 1979, and has served the citizens of Muskogee and McIntosh Counties for more than 40 years. They provide comprehensive outpatient and crisis services to individuals of all ages while striving to create a safe, supportive and welcoming environment.

Lighthouse Behavioral Wellness Centers

Lighthouse Behavioral Wellness Centers are the designated Community Mental Health Centers for nine counties in Southern Oklahoma including Bryan, Carter, Garvin, Johnston, Love, Pontotoc, Marshall, Murray, and Seminole counties. They boast six outpatient clinics which are located in Ada, Ardmore, Durant, Pauls Valley, Seminole, and Tishomingo.

Red Rock Behavioral Health Services

Red Rock Behavioral Health Services is a private not‐for‐profit community mental health center that was founded in 1974, and is based in Oklahoma City. Red Rock provides mental health services, and referrals to physical health services, to indigent and insured Oklahomans, and is one of the largest community mental health centers in Oklahoma.

These Safety-Net Providers

Oklahoma’s safety net providers organize and deliver advanced mental health care and substance abuse treatment services to Oklahoma’s most vulnerable citizens including those who live at or below the poverty level. They serve in 47 of the state’s 77 counties. They are depicted below in blue. The counties in navy blue are covered by state-run facilities.

There but for the grace of you go I…

The true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members.

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