McEntire Authors House Resolution Rejecting Privatized Managed Care

A Resolution rejecting privatized managed care and directing the Oklahoma Health Care Authority to
create a state-based managed care system.

Please Note: The following House Resolution 1019 by Representative Marcus McEntire (R-District 50) will be introduced to the Oklahoma House of Representatives as early as Monday, April 5, 2021. Please check back for an important update.

WHEREAS, approximately 200,000 Oklahomans will be newly eligible for Medicaid on July 1, 2021; and

WHEREAS, the Oklahoma Health Care Authority has a proven track record of efficiency and physician and patient satisfaction; and

WHEREAS, Oklahomans are better suited than out-of-state, forprofit managed care organizations to create Oklahoma-based policy solutions and programs; and

WHEREAS, it is the duty of elected and appointed officials to implement the will of the people in a fiscally responsible manner; and

WHEREAS, privatized managed care has already been attempted and failed in Oklahoma; and

WHEREAS, access to and quality of care have worsened under privatized managed care in other states; and

WHEREAS, evidence is scant and inconclusive to suggest privatized managed care organizations outperform their public and nonprofit counterparts; and

WHEREAS, privatized managed care creates budget uncertainty by costing Oklahoma taxpayers millions of additional dollars as it has in other states; and

WHEREAS, privatized managed care is particularly deleterious to rural Oklahomans; and

WHEREAS, an Oklahoma-based and housed managed care system adds value by keeping Oklahoma taxpayer dollars in the Oklahoma economy.


THAT privatized managed care should be rejected as an inefficient and failed health care model.

THAT the Oklahoma Health Care Authority is hereby directed to create an Oklahoma-based managed care system that serves the needs of all Oklahomans in an effective and fiscally responsible manner.

Rep Cyndi Munson Oklahoma

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What is a Simple Resolution?

A Simple Resolution such as a House Resolution (HR) or Senate Resolution (SR) is a resolution which expresses the opinion or will of one house only and does not have the force and effect of law. It may be used for some of the same purposes as a concurrent resolution, however, its use is not as broad.



What is a Joint Resolution?

A Join Resolution is a resolution that is presented to both legislative bodies, the House and the Senate. If passed by both, it goes to the Governor for approval. If the Governor signs a Joint Resolution, it has the force and effect of law. Some Oklahoma case law suggests that joint resolutions may only be used for temporary laws and not for permanent laws.


What is a Concurrent Resolution?

A Concurrent Resolution passed by both houses of the legislature is used to ex­press facts, principles, opinions, wishes and purposes of the legislature. Concurrent resolu­tions are also used to memorialize the president, congress, cabinet members or federal agencies on a certain course of action. A concurrent resolution does not have the force and effect of law except customarily insofar as for authorizing the issuance of revenue bonds pursuant to section 4002.1 of Title 70.