Mental Health Crises in Oklahoma

This interim study will feature testimony by Mental Health Commissioner Carrie Slatton-Hodges and Zack Stoycoff, Executive Director, Healthy Minds Policy Initiative. 

The Oklahoma House of Representatives Public Health Committee will host an interim study on Building a Comprehensive Continuum of
Care Model for Mental Health Crises in Oklahoma. The meeting is scheduled for 8:30 a.m., Wednesday, September 15, Room 450, Oklahoma Capitol. The study was requested by Rep. Jeff Boatman (R-District 67)

House Public Health Committee

Representative Cynthia Roe, Chair
Representative Toni Hasenbeck, Vice Chair

Representative Denise Brewer
Representative Sherrie Conley
Representative Dell Kerbs
Representative Marcus McEntire
Representative Carl Newton
Representative Ajay Pittman
Representative Marilyn Stark
Representative Wendi Stearman

Explanatory Comments on Scope of Study Proposal

This study aims to present viable options for building a continuum of care model for mental health crises in the state of Oklahoma. With increasing mental health crises (e.g., psychosis, suicide ideation) and the implementation of 988 (e.g., mental health emergency number in effect July 2022), development of a continuum of care infrastructure and protocol is necessary. The continuum includes the 988 crisis response with in person or tele-screening, referral and transport to assessment, triage at psychiatry emergency centers, tiered treatment for presenting symptoms, and wraparound services for sustained recovery. This study will present Oklahoma’s current mental health crisis response model, examine example evidence based programs across the U.S., and provide a suggested model for Oklahoma.

Review Video of the Meeting 

In case you miss the study, you can find a video of the meeting in the House video archive. Click here and look for the Public Health Committee meeting held on September 15